Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lordy Lordy I am now 40!!

Hello World!!!

Oh my, my, my! I am having the time of my life!  Of course, I start celebrating my birthday March 1st with my Pisces/March folks but didn't start moving around until the weekend before my actual date (3/21).  So March 17-18 in Miami, Florida the annual Jazz In The Gardens festivities took place and I was there!  I was looking forward to it being a type of girls getaway trip but that didn't happen.  I was a little bummed but hey, it was celebration time for ya girl!  I started out with a salute to the Captain (Morgan) at the airport, had a great flight and then I got to the airport in Florida and the rental car place gave me a free upgrade! *woo hoo!* One awesome thing that happened is I was able to meet some of my Turknett cousins I'd never met before.  My cousin Erica and her mom and one of her girlfriends flew up from Dallas Texas and met me in Florida!  Awesome, awesome, awesome!!  The only flub that happened is that due to the flight schedules, I didn't get in until Saturday around 4:30p and by the time I did the hotel check-in I got to the event about 7p(ish) ad they got there right when it started about 4pm.  The entire event is held outside and in Miami the weather was very warm, so I think her mom (my cousin) got hot and/or tired and unfortunately they walked out of the turnstills waiting on me to walk up not knowing about the policy of "no re-entry".  :-(  Therefore, I was in there on my own...I talked to the Captain again twice and walked around peeping out the people and bobbing my head to Dougie Fresh! Yes Dougie was on stage and he did the damn thang!!!  So I found a chair to sit down with some cool people and enjoyed the show!  The show was MC'd partially by MC Lyte and can I just say that homegirl was reppin' very well for the 70s babies!  Looked good Lyte!!  So then, next act on stage was my girl Ledisi!!  She ROCKED it!!!!!  Oh man she rocked it!  Her fans loved her and the folks that didn't know her now loved her too!!!  And one thing that was on it...were the background singers..i mean sangers...WHAT?  Ledisi's background singers were so on point...they were both sopranos and did the damn thang!!!! One thing I kept seeing that was horrible to my eyes were the diapers aka booty shorts aka daisy dukes that were being worn....I know it was warm but these were just totally unacceptable!  I don't wanna see cottage cheese with lumps and bumps!! Honestly as a woman, I was uncomfortable..that's just nasty!! On any size and crazily enough, it was the ladies of 16 and up that felt that the rest of us needed to see their lumps and bumps up close and personal.  Just sooooooo not cool!!  The biggest highlight in the audience was the two grandmas that did the dance competition to Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Oh man....real real funny!!!!

So then Kem got on stage...with his musicians and his songstresses and well...I have to admit I like Kem but i've never been a HUGE HUGE fan and I had to say that after witnessing his performances and hearing his  Word, I like a little big more!  :-)  The main thing I loved about Ledisi and Kem is that they both poured positive energy into the audience with words of adoration and inspiration and of God!  As a woman, you left there feeling good as a man you left there feeling good and as a couple you left there feeling in love!  So then it started raining, drizzling actually, light at first and then a little harder.  I got up and started walking around and found vendors booths which were unfortunately closing down so I didn't get to purchase anything.  Since I was there by myself, I didn't get a chance to take a bunch of pics so I had one taken at the photo booth for $10.  I noticed that Taliah Waajid also had a booth there which I missed! :-( I love her hair products and would've probably purchased a few things including hair stuff for my oldest niece.  Oh well.

So while I'm walking around, the diva Jill Scott walks on the stage and does her thang!  At that point, I was in the mindset of walking to my car and getting out of there before the rest of the festival did the same thing so I set out to walk the parking lot, straight to my car....yep well....uuh...that's not what happened.  See what had happen was I forgot where I parked....walking back from the event looked a lot different than walking to the event and uuuh I actually did walk very close to my car the first time but the parking area looked different so I turned around. (oi vey)  The good thing is that I had Jill Scott in the background during my search. (LOL) So i'm pushing the panic button on the remote listening for a horn the whole time and then when I find the car, I realize that that button wasn't working.  O_o  So there was no horn for me...crazy azz....but i'm sure the folks standing next to my rental car was wondering why the doors kept locking and unlocking and lights flashing but no one was around the car getting in. LOL! (wow)

So I'm in the car and back at my hotel and Sunday I get with my cousins and we hit South Beach and eat and enjoy weather and the water. Beautiful!!  As we were heading there, we passed by the  port and now I have a cruise itch that needs to be scratched.  The first time I went with my homegirl Nicole to the Bahamas on Carnival, this next time I'd love to go with a "homeboy" (tee hee) to somewhere, i don't know...but my passport is active and I'm ready.  So anyway, I get back home and the birthday week begins!  :-))

Monday, Tuesday were giddy times, Wednesday (3/21) I got my hair coiled at TruSan's Styling Room and then went got my make-up professionally done by KriShanna I had my party at Cloud IX with the Reset Crew (DJ Fudge, DJ Deliver, DJ Dug Boogie) and my cupcakes were done by Sassygirl cupcakes; I had some special spirited cupcakes done and boi oh boi oh boi!  I had some friends that came out and we had a blast! (still smiling), Thursday party at Cloud IX with DJ Majestik, Kimberly Seabrook, the Skenny Kravitz Show with hookah and friends (still smiling), Friday I had a dental appointment :-|, I got the news that I need another $3k of dental work.  Not too surprised since I know my DNA gives me what is called "soft teeth" very very very susceptible to gum disease. *ugh* So then I hit my party at Barley's with my boi AJ's Exhale Fridays Happy Hour...Red was there and my fellow Aries sister Dani and an Aries girlfriend of hers and lawdamercy the bartender hooked me up on and the Captain..all night...I had an 8am class...a presentation in said 8am class.  I did very very well with my presentation (ahem) but the rest of the class was a struggle. (oi vey) All of a sudden, my vision was effected, was feeling a bit faint..we had a presenter discussing legal writing and it was a very intriguing presentation which i did stay up for but boiiiiii boy boy boy did i wanna just go to sleep. Ok so fast forward, i went home and took a nap..because 3/24 was the date for a wonderful celebration, my friend/walking buddy Christy Nixon was saying "i do" to a wonderful God-fearing, Word abiding gentleman named Murry Ford who I dubbed as "Bishop".  The name just came to me out of nowhere, well it was actually a connection to Christy and I couldn't put it into words as to why when she asked me.  But the one thing I have is a type of second sight and from time to time I just know things and from what i've learned is when I "know" 'em, I'm supposed to say it right then.  So, I've finally figured out what it was and here is the explanation.  Christy has a loving, genuine spirit, I mean really, really genuinue.  She abides by the Word of God, she actually let me know that Christians do know how to have fun and not be totally in the world while doing it.  That was something I struggled with because growing up in the church, I was around some characters and either the people didn't do anything at all...i mean no tv, no music, nothing but scripture scripture scripture, dull, no personality and woe to all that didn't do the same thing. *ugh* But this chica is a world traveler, loves jazz, loves knowing stuff, is in shape and doesn't bash anyone for not being a christian if they aren't.  As a matter of fact, she'll make a non-believer curious about believing based on her style of living.  And for people like that, I am grateful.  I heard a lady last night say she's grounded and I'd have to agree, that's the perfect term.  She is grounded and for a man to capture her attention, he'd have to be on "Bishop" level.  The term/title bishop in the denomination i grew up in is the highest office to be held.  And with the man being the head of the household once the marriage takes place he kinda holds that office and so knowing my friend and her beliefs he'd have to be a Bishop in his love for God to attract and hold her attention.  Well she is now Christy Ford (from one president to another) and I couldn't be happier! I love the fact that God allows me to see the good in the world because he knows how my mind works and when my thoughts get to be too close to negative He shows me the other side.  He's still working on me. He keeps right on working on me. *thank you Father*

So now I'm heading back to the ATL and finish up my celebration!! Atlanta promoters do day parties...they start around 2 or 3p during the day but the night time type of festivities.  So if you're in the ATL today come thru to Shout and hang with me.  You HAVE to RSVP for free admission, doors open at 2pm

So this blog will be continued later on. Until then. *peace and blessings* ((hugs))

p.s. all in all I have to say that this year, I have learned to not concentrate so much on me, me, me...when you do stuff for others out of kindness, the kindness comes back to you.  that's something i already knew but never 100% lived by.  This year I've learned to live by it and I'm having the time of my life.  See you at Shout!

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