Monday, March 19, 2018

Hello World....Birthday 2018

Hello World....

In two days I will be another year older.  I'm not ashamed of the number it's "46"...I'm a proud member of The Lyngale Agency, a group of men and women doing their thing in the entertainment/production industry and we are 40 and older!

Only thing is I'm noticing that my energy surrounding my upcoming date is not buzzing as it normally does.  It makes me a little nervous because I'm doing the minimum this year and it makes me wonder what the heck is about to happen.  Will I get to see my birthday?  What does the Universe have in store for me?  My spirit man just feels blah...nothing exciting.  I couldn't even think of a cool party idea I mean i'm going to have fun at our karaoke party but my ideas were not aplenty this year.  I'm nervous!

Well we'll see what happens....if this is my last post ever...just know that I'm sending ALL positive vibes to you and your kin. :-D

Aries season is on the way!

~~ peace and blessings~~
Nissa K

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hello World....Daddy's Girl

Hello World....

My name is Peanut and in my other life I'm a daddy's girl.  My parents were college sweethearts and they agreed to raise me with the love that they held for each other.  My mom is now an Air Force Veteran as she served as a nurse for 30 years and my dad served in the Army as an Electrical Engineer.  Even though they served in two different branches, they always made sure that we had family time.

I'm his eldest child and later my little sister and brother were born.  I inherited the music gene from my mom's side of the family, not the greatest in math like my father but he was always there to help with that extra tutoring that was needed.

In my other life, I listened to my Godfather (my mom's 2nd oldest brother) when he gave me financial advice.  My credit is stellar and I'm enjoying a life of music production and background vocalist life.  I don't live in one permanent place except for the flat that I keep in London.  I travel quite a bit so I allow my flat to be listed on Air BnB for travelers/tourists.  When I'm in the states I visit with my mom's side.  We are a HUGE family so it's always a family reunion.

In my other life I chose all of the right paths and life is all good.

Hello World....
My name is Peanut and in my other life I'm a daddy's girl.

#IfOnly #MakeAPlan #PlanToWork #HelloWorld

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Real Talk...

Hello world....
The last post wasn't a good spot in my personal history.  But I will say that things have turned around considerably!  But now, my scaredy cat part wants to tuck tail & hide.  Lately my dude & my Father has been my support in aLOT!! Oh man!  I'm being given opportunities out the wazoo...not totally free but at this point I'm juggling some bill pay backs & this 2017/2018 winter season with the 60% increase on my utility bill is NOT helping!! 😱😱

But I'm figuring shit out!

So more to come from me...more good positive stuff!

#RealTalk ya girl is scared!!!!
Lol.....but pushing forward

~Peace & Blessings~

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hello world....

I'm not having a good day at all.  Shit is just wack.  I was talking to a friend of mine and this text that I never sent to him made me realize something.  I'll share only because no one pays attention to this blog anyway so no one will know.....
"Welp. That last conversation was embarrassing.  Yes my whole current life/situation is because of choices I've made so I can only be upset at me.  I can only be frustrated with me.  Nope i haven't created the best situation, but I'm attempting to move my mindset in a different direction.  Thinking & planning on a positive plan on a different plane.  Yet even with all of that and being positive and just keeping my head up & attempting to not think negatively about myself, spiritual & all I'm still human.  I'm looking in the mirror & I'm not liking who I see.  I'm sure the easy, quick response is fix it! That is easy for someone else to say, it's deeper than a quick fix and I'm not sure I'll ever figure out how to fix it.  The depression that I've fought my whole life is finally coming full circle, bubbling to the surface and I don't know how I'm about to handle this.  The common denominator of my problems is me.  The root of the problem is me.  If I'm no longer here, the problems would go away.  The world would be the better for it.  I'm sure of it.  I probably won't send this to you.  I'm not even sure how you even see me.  After today's convo, you probably wouldn't mind disconnecting.  I'll probably never bring this up again but it's abuzz in my mental space.  I'll just continue on with life fighting to push through, pretending to be happy 100% of the time vs the true 15% of the time. I pray that God sends me an angel, this time this isn't looking good.
*Peace & blessings*
~Nissa k~"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is there a restart button?

Hello World....

Hadn't posted in a really long time but I have to say that if I'm EVER presented with a chance to just restart my life somewhere I'm going!  New identity...maybe a brain wash and stronger personality..a different me.  I seem to have become a proverbial punching bag.  I notice that there are some that don't mind saying certain things to me and just moving on as if it's all good...oh but if I treated them the same way it would be a problem!

If the rapture came today...I'd be happy...I hope I'd get to join but oh well....even with the outside events that I'm a part of, I've become complacent professionally and comfortable and miserable.

"get up off my butt!" you say? easier said than done... "make a vision board" you say...ok and then what...I still have to take action.  There is a reason I never remarried, the examples I've experienced seem to include men that have a mean edginess to walking around on eggshells because you're scared that the next thing that you say will make 'em pop off...oh but THEY can say what the fuk EVER to me. (geesh!)    Apparently there is something in me that keeps attracting these types...I mean I like the driven part that they have but it's the mean side that is not appealing of course.

Is there a restart button?  If so, point me to it...I'm ready to beam out of here....depression is slowly taking over.

No uplifting words on the way out..I'm just tired.  If you actually follow this blog, you'll see it..but I'm not sharing it.

I's tired boss.....I's tired.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello World...Product Review...Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls...

Hello World...

This is my first time doing a product review.  I am a naturalista with what are called "tight, kinky curls".  These are the curls that create some of the most awesome afros and lots of people purchase hair pieces and wigs to recreate the look.  You'd think that those of us with these cute little curlies would be totally ecstatic BUT just everyone else, you always look at someone else's hair and wish yours was like that.  For us it's probably the wish of a looser curl.  eh...I used to wish that and even allowed myself to get a texturizer process done on my hair which loosens the curl JUST a bit but since it's a type of chemical process it wears off and the hair reverts back to your natural curl.  It's not the Jheri Curl, I've never had one of those although I probably should have because back in the day I wore a relaxer which is what put some serious damage on my follicles.  So between the two chemical processes, the Jheri Curl is more healthy. But I digress.

So I fully embrace my natural curls and love the fact that I can wear my hair in so many different curl patterns and styles.  I LOVE it!  But the one thing, for me anyway, that is sometimes the most nerve wrecking is finding the right moisturizer and conditioner that gives us the right curl  pop.  What is "curl pop" you ask?  It is when YOUR curl definition just POPS!  So normally when we get our hair shampooed or just wet, the definition is there you can see how curly or wavy or whatever your hair is while it's wet.  But the biggest issue about those of us with tight curls is that once the hair dries, our curls kinda  go into this shrunken frizz, the curls are still there but no longer defined.  There are a lot of products on the shelves for our sisters with the finer, looser curl or wave but not so much for us with the kinky hair.  I've tried a few different products, i'm not quite a product junkie BUT I've tried a few and the only product line that has consistently defined my curlies is Miss Jessie's products.

I started out with their butter creme for moisture and definition that I used with a different leave-in conditioner because they didn't have one at that time.  Well just recently, today actually, I felt like doing a wash and go for work.  I'm currently wearing a short cut that my barber keeps neat so I can easily do a wash and quick fluff and roll out.  So I attend different hair/fashion events where we get goodie bags with neat items which include Miss Jessie's stuff ALL of the time.  So I've had this product, Jelly Soft Curls in my drawer for a minute BUT because my coils don't really care for EVERYthing I was a little nervous about using it.  I wasn't sure that my coils would pop like the description promised.  Boy was I wrong and boy was I glad I was wrong!  I wet my hair and evenly distributed the product as directed and noticed the cute little curlies start to form but didn't get excited because I see this all the time.  BUT I noticed as my hair got drier the curls and a lot of the length stayed. I got a teeny bit excited but figured I'd check my kinkies once I got to work just to see and the definition is still there!  Even as I write this, I still have definition which is why I even thought to do a product review.

So to my fellow tight curled natural sistahs, if you are looking for a product line to try I do recommend Miss Jessie's.  I suggest you get a sampler don't spend a lot of money on full sized items.  Actually the best thing to do is to go to your nearest natural hair salon and get a consultation.  What is a consultation?  This is when the stylist sits you in the chair and discusses your natural hair with you, advise on your type and try out a few products on your tresses.  Not your whole head, just a few strands here and there so YOU can see how your curls react.  These are normally free OR the stylist will have a charge which will go towards product purchase and/or a style.

Hope you try it out and enjoy!

Peace and blessings.....

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Keep on Keeping On....

Hello World...

What's on my mind....that's the opening phrase that facebook gives you.....
I remember when I had a list of things I wanted to learn to do as I grew up....The world was mine...I couldn't wait to grow up!

Thanks to my Granny I was already a musician by 12, I was singing in church at a young age, I wanted to learn foreign languages, wanted to fly helicopters, airplanes, wanted to be a mom, a wife...the world fascinated me. My uncles were in the military which made want to travel the world like they did which I attempted but my DNA gave me full blown rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at a very early age and it's no need to stay in the military if ya can't fire ya weapon. just staying.
But then somewhere along the lines of life my creativity and vision was muted and I was just existing....zombie-like state (and i don't even like zombies), still today a lot of my life is just existing. But EVERY now and then I encounter an individual or individuals that tap on my spirit man and she wakes up and remembers who I wanted to become.
Slowly but surely I'm heading back towards that original path. I have to dust off my journals and read what I planned and jump back into life. I thank the Universe for connecting me with people that are moving and grooving and make me move and groove. When i encounter them I have two options..wake up and join the movement OR close my eyes to my own vision and choke to death. I think I prefer the first option.

 Moral of this #share ? I hope someone is encouraged to keep on keeping on. Is my life perfect? nope. Was my upbringing perfect? not at all. You see me smiling and laughing and encouraging those that I encounter and that's my way of some self-therapy. I figure if I encourage someone else I'll hear my own words and be encouraged too.
I still need couch time to drill through a BUNCH of stuff. BUT guess what I still have to live and explore, I still have to live a stable life and you do too! Anyone reading this having issues....I encourage you to use the positive energy around you to figure out a way to balance everything, use your encounters to balance your issues. you need a quick cry and pit party..yes by all means take a break and cleanse...but then jump back up and enjoy your life!

And believe me I'm talking to myself as I'm talking to you......

Peace and Blessings.....